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Wednesday, March 17th 2010
Mythbuster and Silicone Heads

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Adam Savage, Original Art By Jeff Lafferty, Stop Motion Movie Puppet

Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame. Just finishing this one up for Jeff (another Jeff, not me) He’s been asking for some really cool cards lately, the Jamie Hyneman - Link and Jason Hawes - Link cards from a few weeks back, were his as well.

I’ve been working on puppet faces for the last couple of days. Here’s the new idea of doing them in silicone. I love how the silicone looks but, it’s been a little frustrating, since I’ve went down a couple of blind alleys and wasted some time.

Originally I was trying to make a silicone face that I could move around and animate, but so far I haven’t really been able to make it work. I can get some movement, but not near enough for the kind of expressions and the speech I want to do.

Now I’m trying plan B. and going back to the replacement faces (which worked well and I was happy with) but this time I’m planning on using the silicone as skins over the hard part faces.

See you next week
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