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Wednesday, January 27th 2010
Drew Struzan and Ghost Hunter

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Jason Hawes Ghost Hunters, Original Drawing By Jeff Lafferty

Jason Hawes of the show Ghost Hunters.

This one was commissioned by the same guy that asked for the MythBusters piece from earlier this week. I hope he keeps asking me for cards, cause these two where a real kick to draw.

Today I had lunch with my pal Sean Tiffany - Link Afterwards we headed over to his house to watch a new DVD about the artist Drew Struzan. It was basically 90minutes of Drew painting the poster for the first Hellboy movie along with his running commentary. All I can say is, it was freaking amazing!

The guys obviously a hero of mine. He's influenced the way I've chosen to create my own art in a big way, and I'll tell you what, after watching him paint for an hour and a half, I'm just humbled. He's truly a master at what he does.

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