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May 3rd , 2009
Millennium Falcon In-Progress 3

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People often ask me, what kind of color pencils do you use, or what sort of paint, what number brush, things like that. I don’t really have much of a preference, as long as its a tube of acrylic paint and a colored pencil I can make it work. I just buy whatever’s cheapest and easiest to get. Usually its Liqutex acrylics and Prismacolor pencils. I buy the Drewents once in a while, if they’re on sale. Sometimes Faber-Castell, like I said whatever I can get a hold of.

I think, most of time when someone asks (usually another artist) what sort of pencil do you use, what they’re really asking is what’s the secret ingredient? How do you make it look good. Unfortunately the answer to that question isn’t something you can buy at a store. A lot of practice and a lot of study. That’s basically what it takes to do anything well and art is no different.

The piece is virtually finished. 99.9% I’m just touching up the background. It’ll be up on EBay and the site tomorrow afternoon, for sure!

I also wanted to thank everyone that jumped on the new prints so quickly, you guys (and girls) are awesome and I really appreciate it. As I suspected, Power Girl was the big seller of the day. What can I say, everybody loves boobs (something I’m defiantly guilty of)

See everyone tomorrow.
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