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Friday, March 5th 2010
Yoda And The Stop Motion Film
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Yoda, Original Art By Jeff Lafferty, Stop Motion Movie Set, Armature, Replaceable Heads for a Puppet
Before I get started I want to wish my buddy, Sean Tiffany a big Happy Birthday!!! Woo hoo!!!
Ok, on to business, Yodas finally done and up in the gallery, have a look - Link Prints for this one are available as well - Link and if anyone’s interested, the pencil study is for sale too - Link
I’ve been having a lot of fun working on the movie this week. The set is 100% complete, and as soon as I finish up the first two puppets, I’ll actually be able to get some stuff on film.
A Few people asked last week to see the characters and I wish I could just bust out all the cool stuff thats in my head and show everyone what they're going to be, but honestly I‘m just getting started.
Here’s a shot of one of the armatures, I sort of made this design up myself. After doing a little research, I didn’t like the flimsy quality of the wire armatures I read about, and the ball and sockets seemed a little advanced for my first attempt.
I know it looks like a tangled mess but it works pretty well, so I’m happy with it.
The head is made from sculpey and its split beneath the nose so I can work with replaceable parts to make him talk.
The face is held on with magnets, the mustache comes off, the eye lids are replaceable and the eye balls can roll around in their sockets. I think once he’s painted and costumed he’ll look pretty good.
This is all new to me so I’m kind of flying by the seat of my pants here.
See you next week
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