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July 17th, 2009
Fan Film

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Heath Ledger, Joker Art by Jeff Lafferty

Cool, three comments yesterday, thanks guys. I notice Jim Burby chimed in, he’s the guy that commissioned the Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix pieces. I’ve got another Rock-n-roll themed piece on the list for him.

I’ve defiantly gotten some interesting commissions in the last week or so. I’m tempted to spill the beans and tell everyone whats coming, but I think I wont. I like springing the new one on everybody as I go.

These fan films are just getting out of control! I came across a youtube trailer of one based on the Slaine, Graphic novel by Simon Bisley and Pat Mills. - Link This thing is nuts! It looks like the movie 300. I’m amazed that amateur film makers can pull of this kind of quality now days.

I’m still trying to download the full film. I went to the guys site, and I guess since they put up the trailer so many people have showed up too download it, they couldn’t keep the site from crashing. That’s gotta be the ultimate compliment as an artist. To do something so cool, so freaken awesome, that it crashes your site. That’s neat.

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