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May 26th, 2009

Up And Running Again

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Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock Original art by Jeff LaffertyThis weekend was just nuts. I've got to keep this one short or it’ll just turn in to a 'what annoys me about living in Boulder' rant. I looked back and yesterday was the first time in three weeks that I've missed the daily update on my page. Too bad I broke the streak, but a solid three weeks is pretty good.

Lots of new work is up. Kirk and Spock are in the gallery and up for sale, check em out.

I also wanted to welcome all the new followers of this blog. My good friend Sean Tiffany, soon to be collaborator Gwen Milot, my buddy Jon Riggle, and everyone else I don’t recognize at the moment but am looking forward to getting to know Adam, occam`s razor, Antonio.

Just a heads up I’ve got another new piece for tomorrow.

See you tommorrow
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