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May 27th, 2009

Tianna again

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Tianna Hunter Nude Original Art by Jeff LaffertyA new piece is up. A pencil study of one of my favorite models Tianna Hunter.

So many people have been asking why I never sell any nudes anymore. The answer is actually pretty simple, I just haven’t had the time to draw or paint new ones. It is something I sort of miss doing and have always planned on getting back to it.

I also wanted to say, I know the pinup gallery has disappeared, but its only temporary. I needed to revamp some of the images to fit the new site design so it will be defiantly be back eventually.

Doing a site like this is such a evolving process. Some things work and some things just don’t. I’m always trying to keep things interesting and yet simple. Its kind of like being an artist, it’s a developing sort of thing and you go down a lot of blind alleys to get where you need to go.

I also wanted to welcome UK artist Carolyn Edwards as a new follower. She’s got a great site too, check it out - link

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