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May 4th , 2009
Phoenix In-Progress

Return to galleryPhoenix in progress  ACEO Sketch Card by Jeff Lafferty
On to the next, the ever-doomed Jean Grey, A.K.A. Phoenix from the X-Men.

This one's a commission for WildBill2000 (not his real name obviously) I was contacted by Wild Bill though the Scoundrel board, a really terrific forum, if your into sketch cards you should check it out - Link. Anyway I noticed as we talked over the details of having a commission done that he had a link in his signature to his ‘Phoenix Collection‘ an awesome mob of Phoenix sketch cards from every sort of artist imaginable. It was a sight to behold and I must say a little intimidating. It defiantly got the blood pumping, hopefully mine will live up.

On a side note, I’m still trying to fine tune the idea of posting daily, so please bear with me as links change and thing disappear and reappear. I’m trying to maintain the simplicity of the site but bring in all this extra daily info. This is my fifth day posting daily and the reaction has been awesome, so much more than I expected. I’m glad everyone likes what I’m doing.

See you tommorrow
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