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Tuesday , March 23rd 2010
Not Quitting!!!

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Ghost Hunter Grant Wilson, original art by Jeff Lafferty

I am not quitting, I repeat I am not quitting!!! Quite a few people emailed me after reading the last blog post and were concerned about their commissions and prints.

Like I said, I am not quitting, everyone that has a commission in the pipe line is still getting it. If you want to commission me for something, I’m still taking them (just email me) If you ordered prints, you’ll get them and it's safe to order more. Everything is business as usual around here.

I have a tendency to rant a little bit in the blog, and that’s all I was doing. Just complaining and writing what was on my mind (at 2:00 in the morning) rather than what I will actually be doing. The film is just a side line thing that my wife and I are working on, its like a hobby.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working on two official sets for the card company, Breygent. I did Fifty cards total, and of course I haven’t been able to show any of that work here on the site. That’s why things have slowed down so much, it hasn’t got anything to do with the film. In fact I think I’ve worked harder and produced more cards over the last couple of months than I have over all of last year.

I realize now that you guys only know what’s going on, by what I post. Just because something is obvious to me doesn’t necessarily mean that you guys know it. So I’m going to try and take that a lot more seriously from now on.

If any of you guys ever have questions about commissions, orders or anything just email and ask, and if I don’t respond, resend it. I’m just human and I miss things and I make mistakes. I know I ship things late and forget stuff. I know I hold peoples money too long before I draw their cards, but one thing that I always do, is make things right when there’s a problem.

So if there’s a problem, email me and I’ll try and solve it o the best of my ability.

See you next week
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