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Tuesday, November 10th 2009

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Star Wars, original art by Jeff Lafferty

Sorry I missed the update yesterday, even at every other day I still can’t hit it every time. What happened to me? I use to be so good at this blogging thing, now I’m just lame.

Speaking of lame, has anyone been checking out the Sidebar Nation Podcasts Lately?

Their not really lame, they’re probably the best podcast I listened to, but I have this weird love hate relationship with them.

A lot of the guest they interview are people that I’ve met or actually known or over the years. (I’m old and I’ve been around for way to long) anyway I get so irritated listening to some of these guys blather on about how great they are, who they know, and who they blow, and how they invented the friggin industry.

I guess its probably just a jealousy thing and I’m only pissed because I wish I was doing all the cool stuff they are (but I don't care, I’m a petty son of a bitch sometimes and I can’t help but hate em!)

Anyway, enough with the bitching, I need some new podcasts to listen to, some of the ones I already listen to are

Sidebar Nation - Link
Villains Corner - Link
Web Comics Weekly - Link
Depth of field (with Tim Bradstreet, this is a good one) - Link
Comics Coast To Coast - Link
Tall Tale Radio - Link

Anyone know of any other good ones? Post a link in the comments so I can check em out?

See you tommorrow
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