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Tuesday, November 3rd 2009
Red Sonja Sketch Card
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Red Sonja, original art by Jeff Lafferty

Kind of forgot about this Red Sonya card, for some reason I never got the painting finished.

So it seems like the vote is pretty much unanimous to shift the store to my own site. Most of the comments have been to the effect of people would rather deal directly with me than deal with EBay.

So EBay’s loss I guess.

A couple of people mentioned the fact that the Padme original card went so quickly and they didn’t really get a shot at it, like they would of if it were on EBay. That’s sort of a drag and I am sympathetic, so I’ll try and put any future Star Wars or fan favorite type cards in an EBay auction, but everything else is coming here.

All the original art, the prints and books (when the books eventually show up - There coming, I promise) and EBay will just be an alternate outlet for the prints.

I’m switching the current work into the system now and it ought to be fully up and running in a few days.

I just wanted to say thanks for everyone’s comments and emails on this subject, it’s really helped me feel confident in my decision.

See you tommorrow
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