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Saturday, October 31st 2009
Halloween, Star Wars And A New Blog Schedule
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Natalie Portman Padme, original art by Jeff Lafferty

Happy Halloween everyone.

Padme is done. she’s up in the gallery, have a look - Link and if you feel so inclined that you want to own her, both the painted card and the pencil study are for sale here on the site - Link & Link

Like I was talking about in an earlier blog post, I’m giving direct sales from my site a try over EBay. We’ll see how it works, and if it doesn’t and everybody hates it we’ll go back to doing it the old way.

Let me know what you guys (and girls) think?

I’ve pretty much decided to make the Blog an ever other day thing rather than an every day deal. The main reason is, I just don’t have enough to say for a daily blog. Over the last month it seemed like too many posts deteriorated to “Hey, here’s the next piece” and that’s it. It seemed almost boring at times.

Another factor in my decision is, I read my pal Sean Tiffany’s blog - Link he’s been going daily for a few weeks now. Its awesome, but I notice I’ll miss post. I’ll hit the site and there will be like three updates! I always thought I went there every single day, but I guess I don’t. They’re coming so fast now, it’s almost like I can’t keep up.

I’m not complaining though, keep up the good work Sean :)

Anyway, I think an every other day schedule will be better for me, they’ll be more consistent and have a little more content each time.

I almost forgot, this little beauty is for sale as well - link

See you tommorrow
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