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Tuesday, October 27th 2009
Padme Sketch Cards And A Shipping Update
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Natalie Portman Padme, original art by Jeff Lafferty

Sorry for being MIA for the last four days, life has a way of getting hectic and unfortunately the blog’s always the last priority. Print sales have been slow and I jut couldn’t seem to make bail (I’m kidding I wasn’t in jail, despite the rumors)

Actually its been just the opposite, the print sales have been over whelming the last couple of weeks. I should mention the average shipping time for any item is between two to four weeks. Whether its a commission or print, from EBay or bought directly from me. That’s the best I can do.

The prints are printed and varnished as they are ordered and I can only make so many each night. So when I have these big heavy weeks like last week, things bottle neck and everyone’s orders slow down.

I love all you guys and want you to keep buying cards but, just know that there’s no point in Emailing me five days after you bought a piece because chances are, its not even in the mail yet.

I also wanted to say thanks for everybody’s patients. I’m constantly amazed at the way you guys (and girls) take care of me and keep me going. I love painting cards and I think the best is yet to come, so thanks again everyone.

The latest drawing to cross my desk is a new Padme sketch card. Doing all the commissions of her got me hooked on Natalie Portman and now I just can’t stop painting her anytime I find some cool reference.

Speaking of Padme and the prints, as I was shifting bottom images of this gallery into the secondary gallery (link at the bottom of the main gallery) and I noticed the link to buy this print had been down for quite a while
Just wanted to let every one know it's still available and you can pick it up here - Link

See you tommorrow
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