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Thursday, October 22nd 2009
Facebook Sucks
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Nude drawing, original art by Jeff Lafferty

A nude I’m currently working on, one of four I’m doing for a mens magazine.

It’s the last day on the Gollum piece, so if you want it, better get your bid in now - Link

So I ditched my Facebook page again, (I think it lasted a full week this time) I just cant handle the dredge of high school trauma, the old girlfriends, the endless stream of friend requests from people that I had vainly hoped too never, ever, ever, ever hear from again.

I just don’t understand a site that seems to revolve around, ‘Hey remember the senior girl that beat up your best friend on the bus when you were in sixth grade. Well here she is and here’s the trailer park she lives in. Heres her home address. Here’s her eight kids and three of their criminal records. They all want to be your friend! ok network!

I mean, I don’t want to know what’s going on with my algebra teacher that gave me an F in tenth grade and made me retake the class on my own time before I could graduate. Just knowing that he’s not dead makes me sad. Thanks for hunting him down and letting me know that Facebook.

So anyway, I ditched my Facebook page. Anybody whose from there, is welcome to come hang out here. That is, unless I dated you, new you in high school, or did time with you.

If your one of those people, just go away.

See you tommorrow
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