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September 21st, 2009

Disney Buys Marvel
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Chewbacca Fixes C3PO - Original Art by Jeff Lafferty

The pencil study for the chewy commission is done. This ones been tough, lots and lots of detail to draw.

Thanks Alicia, Dano and Ethrendil for the comments over the weekend.

Brandon mentioned the possibility for the reason EBay is suddenly searching out bootleg Marvel cards is, they where recently purchased by Disney. I think it could be true and I’ve heard other people say pretty much the same thing.

Still, I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong, I now a lot of people might disagree with me, I put the work into drawing and painting a piece like the Power Girl card. Its not like I’m selling photo copies of there comic books or bootleg DVDs. Its a piece of art that I created with my own hands. So how can someone else say, I don’t own it and I can’t sell it?

Every time I say something like that I get a lot of disagreement and I just want to add before the pissy emails start coming in. I’m not looking for any arguments or anyone to explain copyright law to me. I’m well aware that I play on (or possibly) over the edge. I’m a grown up and that’s my choice, so lets just leave it at that.

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