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September 17th, 2009
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Chewbacca - Original Art by Jeff Lafferty

I was just reading through Aries blog (Third banner down on the sidebar to your right) I’m impressed by how business minded she is. She’s pretty young, just out of college from what I understand, and I wish I had the mind set she has now, twenty years ago. I could of gotten too where I am now, quite a bit sooner than I did.

I get a lot of emails from artist asking me for advice about selling art on the net. A lot of times the first thing I notice when I visit their site is nothings for sale. That’s obviously the first step.

Actually I take that back, the first step is be ‘awesome‘, If your work is bad and you can’t figure out how to make it better, then chose another profession.

Step two is put some paypal buttons on your site, sell on EBay, Etsy or someplace. Basically give yourself an opportunity to sell something.

And step three is basically just keep doing that (be awesome and sell) and it will continue to build on itself. I think I’ve used this analogue before but this site is like a train. Nothing I do seems to make the train go faster and nothing I do seems to slow it down. Though when I look back six months ago the train is going a hell of a lot faster than it was.

Just keep creating good stuff that people want and keep selling it. Over time your customer base will grow and you inventory will grow (Prints & books in my case, maybe t-shirts and coffee mugs in someone else’s.)

When I tell people this kind of stuff, I don’t think its what they want to hear. They want the magic bullet that’s going to make them rich and famous. (Hey, I want that too) I don’t now what that is though, and I suspect that it doesn’t exist. I only know the way I do it.

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