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September 1st, 2009
4.75 ?

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Eowyn - Original Art by Jeff Lafferty

I was looking through my DSR, Detailed Seller Rating over at EBay and I’m five out of five on pretty much everything (item as described, communication and shipping time) but my rating for shipping and handling charges is 4.75 What the Hell? I do free world wide shipping on everything?

I live in fear of this DSR thing and it was one of the reasons I went to free shipping in the first place. I know a story of another card artist that had his auctions put on suspension because his DSR fell below a certain percentage. The guy had only sold three or four cards and had a feedback rating of like one or two. So literally, one snarky customer giving him a one out of four on his shipping DSR was able to take him out of business because it added up to 25% of his over all feedback.

I try to be honest and courteous with all my customers, ship as quickly as I can and just ‘do right’ by anyone who gives me money, but by the same token I’m ‘one guy’ making and mailing, sometimes seventy or eighty cards in a month. I do my best, but its not like buying something from Wal-Mart for Pete’s sake.

Anyway Eowyn is finished and up in the gallery - Link

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