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August 23rd, 2009

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Britany Original Art by Jeff Lafferty

Not a lot going on today, just working on the site.

This site is slowly turning into an eight hundred pound gorilla. I’m over two hundred and thirty separate pages already, with all the gallery pages and now daily blog post. Its a little scary to think what this monsters going to be in three or four years.

It reminds me a little of the business. It seems to almost run itself sometimes, like a train moving down the tracks. When I take my hand off the steering for a few moments the thing just keeps going at the same pace. When I push the throttle forward not much changes, but when I look back over the last eight months a Hell of a lot has changed. I remember when I had three people visiting the site. Now if there’s not sixty, I wonder where everybody’s at.

Here’s something from the vault. A piece I did way back in 2000. Wow I cant believe that’s almost ten years ago. A portrait of a girl I might of been a little too infatuated with, Britany

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