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July 10th, 2009
Jack The Giant Killer

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Jack The Giant Killer a Comic Book by Jeff Lafferty

A little diversion today. This is a book I self-published a few years ago.

At the time I wasn't all that happy with the way it came out. There were some pages out of order and the trim was off on the interior pages. I fixed all that stuff in a later print run, but it never really went anywhere. The cover was painted in oil on stretched canvas. The interior was drawn like an illustrated book with pages of text and pencil illustrations. I think the cover was my favorite part.

All through my life I've always been an artist who could never really stay focused on one thing. I love to explore different styles and media and subjects. Obviously, some of you guys have been with me since this site was mainly nudes and erotic art. That's what I mean, when a new thing takes my interest, I cant help but follow it.

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