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July 23st, 2009

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Nude original art by Jeff Lafferty

Thanks for the comments yesterday guys, Jim, Adam, Adam R. and Steve.

Adam R. is actually the client that commissioned all the Kurt Russell pieces. I've got a couple more based on the movie 'The Thing' in the works for him.

The first Adam asked if the new Indy piece, Fortune and Glory - Link is in the book. Unfortunately the answers no, probably will be in the next one though.

Here’s another one from the pinup gallery I’m moving into the main site. Its titled Beauty and I painted it about eight or nine months ago. I really loved the way she came out.

This was a woman that I photographed myself. For a while I thought I needed to start working with models again and start taking my own photos, but after this photo session, I kind of changed my mind. The model was great, the photos turned out super, but I just wasn’t as into it as I once was.

Seven or eight years ago, I worked with a model named Britney and did a series of paintings of her. It was great, the art turned out fantastic and she was a gorgeous model. The whole thing worked really well, but I think when your a young guy its different. Now I’m older, I’m married and honestly, I’ve came to the conclusion that I just don’t want other women taking their clothes off in my living room, it just feels weird now.

Lately when I’ve painted nudes, its either been from older photos I took myself years ago, or I work with a model like Tiana Hunter - Link for example, who’s a professional model and the reference shots I use where taken by someone else.

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