Title: Jimi Hendrix
Size: 5” x 8” inches
Medium: Acrylic and colored pencil on illustration board
Year: 2009
Private Collection (Sold)
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This piece was a commission for Jim Burby. I’m so grateful that people are actually asking me to create pieces like this. It makes getting up in the morning and hitting the drawing table a real pleasure. Jim is one of my favorite clients and I wanted to add a letter he sent me to the comments about this piece.

This picture is simply AMAZING!!! I'm so glad I had you commission it. It looks great on your site but, in person, this picture shines. The details are outstanding. It is one of the best rendered portraits I have in my collection. You really are a step above. Your quality and friendly attitude are a rare thing on the internet indeed. I will continue to use your services as long as you do these drawings. The Stevie Ray Vaughan you did for me also.... INCREDIBLE. I am a self proclaimed "starving artist" and your pictures inspire me to draw when I look at them. It is rare that I have found an artist and his work that speaks so much.
thanks again,
Jim Burby

Thank you so much Jim, it's been truly a pleasure working with you.
By the way, Jim's a heck of an artist in his own right, check out Jim's online portfolio at Deviantart.com - Link