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Friday, January 22nd 2010

Ghostbusters And Ralph Bakshi

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Ghostbusters, Original Painting By Jeff Lafferty

Getting this post in right under the wire. I'm really going to try to keep my blog on schedule from now on.

The new Ghostbusters piece is what's on my drawing board right now. Its real close to being finished up, tomorrow or the day after probably.

Its been a fun piece to do and a bit of a challenge as well, not so much the ghost but painting the hotdog stand. Its one of those things I never really thought about painting, that I needed to stop and figure out how to do.

On my travels around the net and youtube I came across this video, Its Ralph Bakshi, he was the director of Fire and Ice, Wizards, the animated Lord Of The Rings, the guys been a hero of mine since I was a kid. Anyway he’s giving some advice to a bunch of young artists at the San Diego Comic Con and he opens up on these guys with both barrels, basically telling them that its all a hell of a lot easier nowadays, than it was when he had to break in.

Pretty funny stuff, but I agree with him 100% He’s talking about movies, but if you want to do anything, get going on it. There’s never any reason to wait. With computers and the net everything is easier. Whether your trying to make movies, comics, cards, selling your art, whatever it is, there’s never been a better opportunity than right now!

Enjoy the video and see you guys Monday.

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