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Friday, December 11th 2009

Tatooine and Olivia Newton John
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Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen, original drawing by Jeff Lafferty

Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen, the Starman card is coming along pretty well.

I had a massive crush on Karen Allen when I was a kid. Her and Olivia Newton John, I think it was the scene where she turns into the animated version of herself in Xanadu.

I guess I was just a movie junkie when I was a kid. I didn’t especially like the Xanadu movie but yet, I can remember seeing it at least eight times.

I would walk to the theaters from where my Mom worked in the summer, pay for one movie and then sneak across the hall into two or three more.

I remember seeing The Jazz singer like six times.

It’s a good week for prints the one, I think, everyone’s been waiting for just went up, the uncut Tattooine - Link

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