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Friday, December 4th 2009

Jorge's Mom
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Jorges Mom, original Painting by Jeff Lafferty

Sorry for the late post everyone, the library was closed yesterday for some reason.

This library seems to have a million reasons to close on any given day and I always drive all the way down here before I figure it out. (I’ve got to get my laptop running again.)

I just finished a new commission, I know all you guys (and girls) are used to seeing movie stars and superhero’s when you come here and might be asking; “who’s this?” Well, it’s Jorge’s Mom of course, who else?

This piece originally started out as a pencil study of the model Denise Milani, but over the last few months it eventually changed into “Hey dude, can you paint my Mom?” I’m kidding, but that’s pretty much what happen. Anyway, I hope she likes it and thanks Jorge, for asking me to do it.

I’m making the mad dash to get all the commissions that are actually Christmas gifts done this week. So if you’re on that list, worried and biting your fingernails in terror that I’m going to miss Christmas, this is your week.

See you tommorrow
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