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Wednesday, October 14th 2009
Oil Can Drive Preview
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Oil Can Drive, original art by Sean Tiffany

Godzilla's not quite there yet but ...

Today, during lunch, I got a little preview of the book and album, my good friend and fellow artist Sean Tiffany is working on, Oil Can Drive.

Its sort of a Rock-n-Roll, band on the run, Mad Max, Fantastic Four thing that reminds me a little of the movies Rock and Rule and Streets of Fire (Sorry Sean, I know that was a horrible description but I meant it in the best kind of way, since I find all those things cool as all get out)

Anyway its some really neat stuff and as the project gets closer and closer to the finish I can't wait till I have one sitting on my book shelf.

Here's Sean's site - Link and blog - Link they're both worth a look.

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