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Thursday, October 1st 2009
Book Update

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 Original Art by Jeff Lafferty

Well here it is October and unfortunately the books have not shipped yet. I’m sorry for the delay to everyone who ordered them. They are coming very, very soon. I promise.

This whole thing has been a minor disaster but I think I’ve got things working now.

Here’s the story, the books were delivered about three weeks ago, but when I cracked open the box I was not pleased. Honestly the quality was just not there, I wasn’t happy with the paper, the colors weren't good, I mean Hellboy was just a big red blur. I couldn’t in good conscious send them out to my customers. So I trashed the whole box and went looking for a new printer.

I now have a new proof and books have been promised to be delivered to me by October 13th. I’ll post again when they actually get here and I’ll email everyone whose ordered one when they can expect it to arrive.

Thanks for your patients everyone.

See you tommorrow
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