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September 15th, 2009
Durham County & Lots Of Prints

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Original Art by Jeff Lafferty

A mob of prints waiting to get mounted and varnished. No time to draw yesterday, I spent it getting stuff in the mail.

Have any of you guys been watching Durham County.

I’m digging it a lot. I think it might be edging out my current favorite show on TV, Hells Kitchen.

I love that show. I think they should do a Hells Kitchen but with comic book artists.

Get twenty young guys with book ideas and then put them all in a house with, I don’t know whoever today’s Jack Kirby would be? (I don’t read comics that much anymore) and then the winner gets a book deal at DC.

Writing that out, just made me realize why that show would actually suck, because they wouldn’t get the resurrected Jack Kirby. They would get guys like Joe Quesada or Brian Bendis to do it.

(Then I would just have to not like it)

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