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August 8th, 2009
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Original Art by Jeff Lafferty
Not much to talk about today, just working hard on the next installment for Jack.

I’m really surprised by the overwhelming response I’ve been getting on the project. Lots of enthusiastic emails and one of the pages has already sold (I appreciate it Neville)

I really wasn’t sure if I should tackle something like this. Something so stylistically different from what people are use to seeing from me. I love the portraiture and the movie art. People have really responded to it and as I built the site, that became the focus, but, there has always been this whole other side to my work. A storyteller side that loves the classic illustrators of the past like Rene Bull, NC Wyeth and Edmund Dulac.

So I started Jack as a way to bring everything I love into my site.

See you tommorrow
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