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August 17th, 2009
Joker Out The Door

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Heath Ledger as Joker - Original Art by Jeff Lafferty

One last look at the Heath Ledger - Joker piece before it went in the mail this morning. This ones going all the way to Belgium, wow!

It’s probably my new favorite. For along time, I think the Stevie Ray Vaughan piece was my best one, but the Joker might have edged it out. Stevie Ray was defiantly a new level I hadn’t reached before but The Joker has such a visceral, in your face quality that none of my other pieces have. I’m really interested to see how its going to perform as a print. The prints ought to be along in a week or so.

Macready is finally done and in the gallery next to the Childs card - Link check it out and see what this last week has been building too. I actually pulled the final comments for the piece out of yesterday’s blog, so if they sound familiar that’s why. I thought they where just too perfect not to use in the permanent gallery.

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