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August 11th, 2009
Kurt Russell 2

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Original Art by Jeff Lafferty
MacReady’s progressing along nicely.

Thanks for yesterday's comments guys. I agree, its been a good run as far as the daily blog goes, but I really want to keep it up. I can’t stand sites that never put anything new up. I’m not going to name any names, but you know what I mean, eight months will go by with nothing, no new art, no updates, absolutely nothing and then they’ll finally post and it will be something fantastic like “hey guys, see you at Wonder Con” uugh!

I’ve been noticing a lot of incoming pings and I wanted to thank everyone out there whose been linking to the site. Brandon Kenny - Link and Wynn Ryder - Link are two fantastic artists I’ve noticed that have done this. I appreciate it.

I’ve been meaning to put up a links page, or a links section in the sidebar, just haven’t found the time yet. One more thing on the to-do list. I’ll get to it eventually.

See you tommorrow
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