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July 2nd, 2009
Joker Inprogress

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Joker Drawing in progress by Jeff Lafferty

Heath Ledger as the Joker. This is a commission that I’ve been looking forward to doing for quite a while.

I was just informed, by a sign on the window, as I walked though the doors of the Boulder Public Library that they are going to be closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So that will make updating the blog a little hit or miss for the next three days, well see how it goes.

I like working on the net stuff at the library, because while I’m here I’m focused and I don’t get off on tangents that suck away my time. The only draw back is they take a lot of days off, and if its close to a weekend forget about it, your done for the week!

Last day on the Yoda auction - Link so don't forget to bid if you want in on that one. Also don’t forget about the forth of July sale on EBay and hopefully I’ll be back before Monday.

See you tommorrow
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