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July 28th, 2009
Not Such A Good Day

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Red Sonja original art by Jeff Lafferty

So my uncle and my aunt both died this week. My Mom's younger sister and her brother. I wasn't going to bring this up. I tried to write about something else but nothing would come.

My Aunt Suzy was one of the sweetest people you could ever know, probably never did a mean thing to anybody her whole life. She died from cancer. A lot of people will miss her.

My uncle Mike was a bit of an outlaw. He had had problems with drugs and booze and the law his whole life and it all finally caught up with him. I guess he died puking up blood in some shitty hotel room. I've heard people in the family say that, that's where he would end up, I'm sure I said it myself a few times, but Mike had more good quality's than bad. Addiction is something that's hard to get away from. You can't blame the people who get caught up in it for the bad things that they do. They aren't done out of hatred or evil, they just can't help themselves.

I felt really bad listening to my Mom cry on the phone last night. This is one of those things that you cant fix or make better, its just life and its going to happen the way it happens.

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