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June 8th, 2009

Denise Milani Continued

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Denise Milani Original Art by Jeff Lafferty

I hadn't hit my deviantart site - Link for a few days (just updating this site takes up most of my time) the Superman piece seems to have went over well and I've gotten a lot of comments about it. Also Jon Riggle (the guy I'm doing this current piece for) wrote up a really nice Journal post about me - Link

I'm almost ashamed to put that link up its such a glowing review of me that I feel like I'm bragging. It's great when people write in and the love what I'm doing, but some times its almost a little daunting, like "if this is what they actually think of me, how can I ever live up to it.

This reminded me of another thing I wanted to link too in Jon's Journal. If your an artist and you've ever had do I signing or a convention your going to love Jon's take on free comic book day. He's got everything in this one the drama, the fans, the utter exhaustion, there's even a little romantic subplot and best of all he did it all for ten bucks. Its hilarious, check it out - Link

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