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June 6th, 2009

Denise Milani Continued

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Denise Milani Original Art by Jeff Lafferty

Wow yesterday was a crazy busy day, I barely made it to the library and got the blog up before they were kicking me back out. Today's a little more laid back so I'll catch everyone up on the details of this new piece.

The model is Denise Milani and its a commission for fellow artist Jon Riggle. (Here's his site -Link) I mentioned him a couple of days ago and showed you guys a different piece based on another model Ewa Sonnet. The Ewa piece was coming out fine, no problems or anything, but then I came across some other reference that Jon had sent.

The photos of Denise really caught my eye, at least this picture did. Its a very old time Hollywood glamour type image and I just fell in love with it. To make a long story short (to late right?) I ditched the Ewa drawing and started this one.

See you tommorrow
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