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June 17th, 2009

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Jeff Lafferty Drawing Caves concept art

I cant figure out this comment thing. I think, I cut out some code I needed and now I just cant figure out how to get it back in there the right way.

I hate to give up on it but I'm not really a hundred percent on comments anyway. I understand a lot of people want to leave comments and be involved with the site. That's totally cool and I get that, but then there's the, I'm not sure what to call it ... "Drive by critique" aspect of comments that I don't care for. That and the drama level that seems to accompany a lot of forums and blogs. That stuff drives me crazy so maybe its better I didn't get them going anyway.

The caves piece is finished, I'll put it up once I'm cleared to show it off. This piece is an older piece I did about eight years ago. The title is Icon and its based on the actress Marlene Dietrich. I've always loved this one.

Tomorrows a new sketch card and thanks for reading the blog.

See you tommorrow
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