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June 11th, 2009

New Nightmare Before Christmas Cards

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Jack Skellington Original Art by Jeff Lafferty

The Jack and Sally prints and up for sale. Pretty sweet if I do say so myself. - Link

I think these are probably my favorite prints so far. I designed them a little differently from my previous cards, mainly taking the title off the front. The idea of putting the title across the front came from a fear that somebody might resell one of the prints as an original card, not realizing that its just a print. I mount the prints on illustration board and varnish them the same way I do the original cards, so they look really close to the real ones.

It says number ? of whatever and limited edition print, right across the back. It's also signed like a print on the front with my name and the card number. I don't think I need to worry and the cards look so much better without the title.

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