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May 8th , 2009
Strider In-Progress 3

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Oh lord, what the Hell was I writing yesterday? The boulder creek? Alright this ones going to be better.

Here's something cool I don't think I've mentioned, I actually don't paint with the color black. In other words, I never mix black with another color. As an example, if I'm going for a real dark red then I cut it with blue rather than black. The reason being is that I feel black muddies a piece in a real undesirable way.

So then how do I paint something that is true black? I mean, it is a color that exists in the world, so I have to deal with it at some point right. Well, the way I do it is, I lay in the blacks with acrylic and color pencil before I ever start painting. That way when I get to the paint the colors stay true and can't mix with the blacks underneath.

So the Aragorn piece is pretty close to being done. It'll probably be up tomorrow, Sunday at the latest. I also wanted to mention, I came across a pretty cool podcast interview with Adam Hughes over at If your a fan of his its defiantly worth a listen - Link

See you tommorrow
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