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Buying from my site is easy and secure, here’s how to do it.

Most of the artwork is available as limited edition prints and can be purchased directly from my site. Just select the card you like, for this demo I’ve picked my Lone Ranger sketch card.

1. Click the 'Buy A Limited Edition Print' link, its to the right of each image.

2. This will open up the cards product page. Here you can read all about the specifics of the card, and take a look at what the actual print looks like.

This one is 2 1/2” inches wide and 3 1/2” inches tall. It was created in 2008. Its price is $5.99 and its a signed limited edition of 250 prints

Click the 'Add To Cart' Button, it's the big orange one that’s in about the same place as the last link.

3. That will open up your shopping cart, notice the print is already in the cart.

Here you can adjust the quantity and either continue shopping or check out. If you continue shopping the window will temporarily close until you add another card. Don’t worry the shopping cart will automatically remember whats in it, and the next time you open the shopping cart, your items will still be there.

4. Once you have all the items you wish to purchase, click the 'Proceed To Checkout' button, the orange one at the bottom right of the screen.

5. You will now be redirected to PayPal so that you can make a safe and secure transaction using either your PayPal account or your credit card.

There will be a summary of what you intend to buy at the top of the screen highlighted in blue. I’m buying the Lone Ranger - Limited Edition Print, they’re 5.99 each and I have two in my cart, so the total is $11.98

6. Now just log into your PayPal account or ...

7. ... if you don’t have an account, select the credit card you would like to use and PayPal will take it from there.

PayPal will collect your payment and deposit it into my account. I won’t ever see your credit card numbers or any of your financial information. PayPal is a very secure way to do business over the web, read more about PayPal here - Link

Once the transaction is complete you will be redirected back to my site and this page - Link its basically a run down of what happens next.

I’ll email you within 24 hours to confirm the order and check your address, then I'll ship your merchandise. Deliver usually takes about two weeks because of the volume of cards that are ordered each week.

If you have any questions, or problems with an order please contact me -

I hope this explanation of the buying process has helped, and I look forward to doing buissness with you.

Jeff Lafferty