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May 16th , 2009

Porn Stars And Me

Return to galleryWolverine ACEO Sketch Card by Jeff Lafferty

This isn’t a new piece, but it's actually new as far as this site goes.

The model is porn star Katrina B - (Here’s her site if your into naked girls - Link) I originally painted it for Katrina herself and a site (group, gallery? I’m not exactly sure what they were) called Porn Saints. It was suppose to be included in a show they were doing in London and a few other places around the U.K. but, basically the whole thing just went nowhere and the show never happened.

I’ve never had any luck with galleries and this was just one more screwball experience. The good part was, I got a really nice piece out of it and Katrina was a real sweetheart to work with. She sent me some great reference photos to paint from and was just really nice and supportive about the whole thing. So basically, galleries suck and porn stars rock, that’s the lesson I took away from the whole thing.

Ok, enough with the porn stars and my checkered past. I came across a pretty cool YouTube vid by fellow sketch card artist Nicole Goff - Link She knocks out an awesome Green Goblin card with pencils and markers right on camera. If your into sketch cards, its defiantly worth a look.

(If all this seems like filler and your wondering “Dude, where’s the new piece?” well, I forgot my camera so I couldn’t upload the picks of the new one, sorry guys)

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